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somebody's got to be the &%$*#@! ray of sunshine around here...

unintentionally intimidating
21 October 1977
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scientist, musician, jeweler, photographer, foodie, unintentionally intimidating, strangely wholesome, mildly manic, certainly overcommitted, gregariously misanthropic, and not a fan of trying to summarize myself.

On pronunciation: it's Cora-LINE, like clothes-line or Caroline, NOT Cora-LEEN.
(According to Neil Gaiman, and he would know.)
5-string violins, 6-string violins, aikido, alphons mucha, american gods, amplectere potestem "et", and/or, andor, andy goldsworthy, answering rhetorical questions, art nouveau, backrubs, baitcon, baking, balkan singing, biology, birch trees, biting, boiled in lead, burnt caramel, carpe nocturne, clothing design, codex seraphinianus, cognitive science, cohousing, connie willis, contra dancing, cooking, coraline, costumes, cute people, daniel merriam, dark chocolate, dark folk, diana wynne jones, diesel cafe, digital photography, doodling, dorothy sayers, eclectic music, edward gorey, einstein's little homunculus, electric fiddle, electric mayhem, electric violin, emma bull, fiddle chicks, flash girls, folk punk, for science!, francesca lia block, garlic, garmarna, gaudy night, geeky knitting, gelfling wings, genrefuck, gilbert and sullivan, gir, girl genius, good eats, grammar policing, groovelily, harriet vane, high speed pizza delivery, horology, house of clocks, ihtfp, invader zim, jerry uelsmann, jewelry, jewelry design, jewelry-making, jonathan carroll, klezmer, l. a. burdick, lab gothitude, labyrinth, liquid nitrogen ice cream, long hair, lord peter whimsey, mazer rackham, meep, mit, nacht_musik, neffa, neil gaiman, neofolk, nerds, neverwhere, new england cemeteries, nightmare before christmas, niobium, odd music, opals, oxytocin highs, pasta, pedantry, photography, quilting, reading, remedios varo, rene magritte, sandman, sapient pearwood, sarcasm, science fiction, shostakovich, silk yarn, silver violins, spelling my interests correctly, stainless steel, string quartets, surrealism, the dark crystal, theobromine, titanium, tom lehrer, tom stoppard, tori amos, trina schart hyman, urban fantasy, used bookstores, viola, violin, wayne anderson, zephyr